Monday, December 27, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 134

Today's Daily 5:
(an introduction to the Daily 5 can be found here)
  1. A very uncharacteristically good sleep.  (I was horizontal for almost nine hours, and asleep off and on for much of that.  That number is almost unheard of for me, and worth celebrating.)
  2. toast with butter and jam
  3. a lazy but productive morning
  4. finished writing my Christmas cards (sent off 14 more today)
  5. doing laundry
  6. a hot shower
  7. pomegranate green tea
  8. making lists
  9. crossing things off of those lists
  10. sunshine
  11. curly hair
  12. a brisk walk
  13. unexpectedly knocking errands off my list
  14. some excellent snarking material for emails with a friend
  15. sharing a quiet evening with my parents, each of us doing our own thing, but in the room together, all resting, since all of us have been feeling under the weather