Saturday, December 25, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 132

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Dad's "famous" hashbrown breakfast
  2. good times with family (even with changing dynamics that I sometimes struggle with)
  3. fun giving presents
  4. opening a few different gifts that made me smile
  5. opening apples to apples after almost picking it up at work yesterday in exchange for a donation.  I would have taken it, but my brother gave it away to a client, and while I wasn't that disappointed, I did harass him about giving away "my" game all day yesterday.  Then I opened the gift he and his wife purchased for me this morning and turns out he'd given it away yesterday so as to not ruin their gift for me today!  Oh, we laughed!
  6. watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" for the first time ever - I loved it! (so thankful for the friend who gifted it to me earlier in the week)
  7. great food prepared by my cousin (training to be a chef) and his mom (the one from whom he got the passion for great food)
  8. tried something new food wise (didn't like it, but working on being open to expanding my palate and horizons and willing to try new things)
  9. stealing a few minutes to just read quietly
  10. curly hair - I loved the way my hair turned out today, with minimal effort
Merry Christmas All!  I hope your day was filled with many blessings!