Saturday, December 18, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 125

Today's Daily 5:
(an introduction to the Daily 5 can be found here)
  1. waking from an odd dream that would have once fallen into the nightmare category and realizing that instead I found it weirdly fascinating and oddly funny more than anything else
  2. being caught up on the reverb 10 posts
  3. getting a ride to work
  4. getting to work with my brother T and his wife L today (fun that we could hire them)
  5. a really good appointment this afternoon that has left me pondering
  6. the smile of anticipation on the face of a father who confessed to me in broken English that he really should have brought his two daughters to choose for themselves, but he really wanted to surprise them for Christmas, and so he was there to pick the gifts out. (couple this with the joy of knowing that between us we helped him pick out gifts that his daughters will likely really enjoy.)
  7. watching episodes of Grey's from this year while I sat to make Christmas cards
  8. a great line from one of the episodes of Grey's:  "I'm not GI Jane!  I'm Attachment Barbie!"
  9. Christmas cards are now all made.  Just need to be written in and mailed.  Yes, they're going to arrive for new year's.  oh well.
  10. feeling safe - not always something I've experienced this year, and a gift to be able to rest quietly and easily each weekend on these little escapes to mom and dad's house.