Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My parents are celebrating their 31st anniversary today.

31 years ago today there was apparently a bit of a blizzard, and they got married in a church in Oshkosh. For many of my mom's family, including my grandma, it was the first time they ever set foot in a non-catholic church. In fact, my grandma was so distressed by the fact that the church wasn't Catholic, that she refused to have her photo taken in the church.

There have been some rough years in my relationship with my parents, but today I want to stop and say how grateful I am for what I recognize as an increasingly endangered species - parents that are still married to each other and still in love after 31 years. I have no idea if I'll ever marry, but I'm grateful for the legacy of love and commitment through good and bad times that my parents have modeled.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!