Saturday, October 02, 2010

Mid-Day Weekend Thoughts

I'm not sure why I qualify in the title that these are weekend thoughts.  My days all sort of blend together right now, without much to distinguish a weekend from the rest of the week.

I slept a bit late this morning, which was helpful, since I was up rather late last night, thinking through some things after having been out for a good chunk of the day with a friend.  It wasn't the most restful sleep, but any actual sleep (even the kind with odd dreams) is helpful.

I sat at the bus stop and made a list for the day.  A list that it seemed wouldn't be even kind of accomplished once I arrived at mom and dad's and discovered that their internet connection was down.  Thankfully, they managed to get it fixed quickly, and in the meantime, I did the non-internet sorts of things from my list.  Things like cleaning and baking cookies.

I'm hoping this will be one of those rare days where most things on the list for the day are actually accomplished.  It looks like that might actually happen, even with the addition of several items, extra chores to help mom out, but that she's willing to have me do to pay off a bit of money I owe her for some items she picked up for me at a store or two recently.  A few things that I thought would be time consuming or a pain in the butt to accomplish went smoothly and surprised me.  I love when that happens.

I figure it's a pretty good deal, this doing a few chores at mom and dad's in exchange for free food, and the occasional place to crash for a night, and usage of a table or desk most days as I putter around on the internet.  I have to remind myself, sometimes, how good a deal it is, when mom interrupts for the fourth time that hour with some two minute task that must be done.

And with that, I'm going back to my lists of tasks.  I needed to clear my head a little, by writing about the day, and now that that's done, I'm going back to work!