Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indoor Plans for a Grey Day

40 minutes ago I relocated from bed to the armchair in mom and dad's living room.

An hour before that, I said goodbye to mom and dad and settled in to enjoy a week of time alone, and away from Grandma's house.

I'm sitting here, in the recliner, watching an old episode of M*A*S*H* that happened to be on television, while I catch up on some emails and blog reading.

A bit later I need to fill out some forms for my appointment at the American consulate tomorrow morning.

I've got a mug of pomegranate green tea, and just finished eating a pumpkin muffin.

In a couple of hours, a friend is picking me up here, and we're going out for lunch.

It's a grey day again, snow threatening to fall, and some sitting on the ground.

I plan to spend it curled up indoors.

A book I've been expecting arrived, and I'm planning to settle in with it.

I started a novel yesterday.

And I have a chapter of the book my house church is reading together to conquer.

I came down with a sore throat yesterday, and a stuffy head feeling that tells me I'm once again battling a cold.

Curled up with a book or books and tea and blankets seems the best way to conquer this day.

Barring lunch with my friend, of course.

Days like this, where grey can be ignored, or muted with books and tea and long, hot baths are the sort I like.  If it's going to be grey, I like it when there are comforting indoor options.


Anonymous said...

Stay warm and cozy indoors - minus lunch - and hibernate. That is just what I'd have loved as an option during all our yucky days, enjoy for me, too!

tea said...

Me too. Those cozy indoor days can be just the right thing sometimes. I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

ditto to the above. and HUGS. S.

Lisa said...

thanks all :)