Thursday, October 28, 2010

How You Doin'?

I watched a re-run of Friends yesterday, an old episode where Joey is coaching Rachel on how to ask a member of the opposite sex for a date.  His advice was something along the lines of "I just look a girl up and down and go 'How you doin'?'"

I laughed at it yesterday and thought of it today when a friend sent an email asking how I was.

I replied honestly that it has been a "mostly okay" day.

A few minutes after I replied I got a phone call that heightened an uncertainty, a "don't borrow trouble" moment that I'd been working hard to set aside.

And it reminded that this is my reality too.

That right now, even the good, or "mostly okay" days, have the potential to become unbalanced in moments.

I preface any conversation that has even the potential to be emotional (positively or not so much) these days with "Everything makes me cry right now, just ignore the tears."

I've discovered that when that downward swing hits, sometimes it lasts and sometimes I can corral it back into submission.

I've learned that exercising just as that swing hits can sometimes lead to successful corralling of it.  It just means I have to push through the onslaught of the downward swinging mood, and the fact that I hate to exercise.  Even yoga.  I rarely regret the exercise once I've done it, but I wouldn't ever say I enjoyed it (unless we're talking about say, a day walking all over a zoo, or a theme park, or the city with friends).

And I'm learning to trust that this weird emotional place I'm existing in won't last forever.  That as I heal and piece my life together again, it will pass.  And in the meantime, don't mind me - everything makes me cry these days!


Jennifer Elizabeth said...

question... how did you do the design for your blog. I'm loving it!

tea said...

Oh, I feel for you. It's so hard being in such an emotional place. I will pray for you tonight. <3

Kristy said...

Sometimes it helps me to remember that this is just a season in your life. Or "This, too shall pass."

Lisa said...

Jennifer - I used a template - just google for blogger templates and you'll find lots of great options!

Tea - thanks for the prayers! I definitely appreciate them these days.

Kristy - yep! hanging on to that reminder of seasons. not such an easy thing to do some days, but I'm fighting hard for it :)

Lisa said...

Oh, and Jennifer (Jenny) - I think I have the link for the site I used for the blog design templates - send me an email and I'll check for it and send it back to you!