Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From Other Voices

This has been a harder week, and I'm struggling quite a bit.

Some other's voices and images from around the blogging world struck me this morning, and since I'm feeling a lack of my own words, I thought I'd share those links with you.

Dead Weight - Alece's words about her heart "death gripping" struck me today, because I know that place well.

This photo that Dana posted hit hard.  I hope the journey depicted in this sculpture is the one I'm on.  I so desire freedom!

Ann's words about rain, and a wounded healer grabbed my heart today too.

and Jon Acuff's words about being loved were a bit like water for a very thirsty and tired soul.

And then there was this.  Annie's post about shopping for "girly things" and her crazy shopping experience.  That one just made me laugh out loud.  And that was maybe the best medicine of all for my weary heart today.  To picture that experience and giggle as it played out in my mind's eye.

So on this day when I'm tired, I'm pausing to be thankful for other people's words.  For the ones that made me feel less alone, for the ones that carried hope, and the ones that made me laugh.

And I'm pausing, too, to pray for friends.

For a few different ones facing some health challenges.

For marriages and babies.

For two I heard from last night who are watching the life of one dear to them draw to a close, barring the miracle so many are beseeching God for.  For their family, and the many who are connected to them and love them.  For comfort and grace and peace.  For that miracle.

For provision for myself and others who are struggling with tight finances.

Because maybe pausing to pray is one of the better things I can do for my heart today.