Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 59

Today's Daily 5:
  1. waking up in my own bed
  2. a mostly peaceful sleep
  3. talking on skype with a good friend
  4. Watching the rescue of the Chilean miners (and the ascent of all the rescue workers).  What a moment to remember, and how emotional!
  5. Chinese pork bun for lunch
  6. ordering a book I've been wanting to read online
  7. getting an encouraging note in response to a prayer request from my friend J. in the US
  8. exercise and a long hot shower
  9. a rice krispy square
  10. replying to an email I'd been procrastinating on a reply to, because it stirred a bunch of confusion about my current life/job situation
  11. cooking dinner at mom and dad's and making a new recipe for the first time in months
  12. unexpectedly getting a necessary errand from my list for the week accomplished
  13. hitting a good sale on toilet paper (hey - it is about the small things that make me smile, and having a necessary item on sale, when I actually needed it was fabulous!)
  14. getting a treatment from mom
  15. hanging out at home for an evening... in my space, with my stuff... sometimes it just feels good to be here, even if I don't like where my space and stuff are currently located.