Thursday, October 21, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 67

Today's Daily 5:
  1. A surprise skype call late last night that included video for the first time!
  2. declaring a king of "people. are. weird"
  3. being told that something I'd written was used by God at just the right time to encourage a friend
  4. a job interview that went well
  5. laughing and deliberately stomping on a leaf, just to hear it crunch
  6. a really good evening at house church
  7. seeing God at work in friends lives
  8. nacho cheese
  9. catching up with a friend I hadn't seen for a couple of weeks
  10. laughing with baby M.


Anonymous said...

Still laughing at 2...and still snickering at my attempts to make you laugh on the bus earlier!

Very glad about house church tonight.

And #8 made me laugh because when we were in charge of all-staff this month and were in the cafe, Jen saw the nacho supplies and decreed that next month the 'snack' (usually muffins and yogurt with granola and fruits) should include chips + nacho fixings. The cafe person was asking the rest of us if we thought that would fly with the 8:45 am? Mmmm...not so sure with the bulk of our crowd. Ha ha. But now anything involving nacho anything makes me smile :-)

Lisa said...

oh you totally made me laugh on the bus earlier - and I shared some of your comments with H. on the ride home and you made her laugh too. I should have added EGR to my list - that's going to be my new favorite!

although I think a certain EGR person tonight might give the other one from this morning a run for #2 at times... in a different sort of way!

hmm... nachos for breakfast... I'd totally do it...

I was so hungry when I got home from house church, and had some of that nacho cheese sauce that comes in a jar, and some chips, and it was SO good to eat!

Anonymous said...

intentionally stomping on leaves just to heart it crunch - that was part of my day too...imagining all the little feet doing that at all different times today. so fun!
love that the daily five (or ten) continues!!

Anonymous said...

oops bad typo! should be hear it crunch... yikes :) at least it was just a leaf? S.

Lisa said...