Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Early this morning, probably before this post ever goes live, I left for vacation.

I'm spending the next week in California, visiting with a dear friend who became a friend thanks to this blog.

And I can't wait to finally "meet" at the airport.  We decided (though we know things about each other that some family members probably don't know, and have been corresponding at least several times a week for a couple of years now) that the most fun thing when people ask how we met would be to use some version of "we met at the airport, yesterday..."

I'm looking forward to all the conversations that will be so much better over tea, held face to face, than they would ever be by email or an online chat.  And I'm looking forward to checking out her favorite places to escape, too!

The blog will be quieter this week while I'm enjoying my chance to get away.  I'll see you on the other end!


Anonymous said...

And I'll see you probably as soon as....or nearly as soon as...you see this comment! Hooray for friends you meet at the airport ;-)