Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sun, Sites, Water (California Part 3)

One more zoo photo, just because I really happen to like this photo.

The Museum of Man

At the beach at Coronado

Hotel del Coronado

Lisa pointed out this sign to me, and it cracked me up!

Seals at La Jolla

Needing to get my feet wet

At the Presidio

Lisa introduced me to many of her friends (who I promptly informed her that I was going to borrow/adopt) and one of them was hosting a Moroccan Tea.  That was a totally fun experience!  Also, this particular friend's driveway, on a sunny, somewhat humid morning, smelled like the butterfly garden at the Calgary zoo - an indoor smell, outdoors.  My commenting upon this fact, like my love affair with palm trees, was, I think, a source of great amusement for my friend who is used to a somewhat more tropical climate year round!

And, I don't have any pictures, but the day we spent in the LA Garment District was full of adventure, too.  That was a day that I'd been promised would be a truly cross-cultural experience, possibly complete with a marriage proposal or two extended to Lisa.  I don't think there were any marriage proposals, but I had great fun trailing Lisa and her Mom around to the various fabric merchants, and, since the weather here at home is colder, have made use of the scarf I purchased there at Santee Alley on several occasions.


Anonymous said...

I could send you some generic garment district photos I've taken...just so you had something to show! Didn't think about that with the blog. Then again, we were in such a hurry when we discovered that things closed early we probably wouldn't have been thinking to take photos anyway!

Lisa said...

no worries - I'll save it for the next time I go there with you :)

Anonymous said...

Hee, hee :-)