Saturday, September 25, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 41

Today's Daily 5:
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  1. A sense of clarity that came waking from dreams this morning, as a scripture came back.  Ironically, it's a scripture I've rather hated, one that's been tossed at me as a sort of weapon through the years.  But this morning, as I woke from hard dreams, it brought clarity, and just a little bit of hope, and for that I was thankful.
  2. Crepes for breakfast at a local cafe/bakery
  3. An honest conversation with a friend.  Not one that was easy, but the response was encouraging, and there was lots of laughter, and some girl talk fit in around the big stuff in our lives that also needed discussing.
  4. Looking forward to ways the house church I'm a part of is developing and will develop in the coming weeks and months
  5. A really productive afternoon blog-wise, getting a bunch of posts written and scheduled for the future
  6. a treatment from mom that helped ease some muscles that were aching badly after waking so tensely and suddenly this morning
  7. knowing that my supplements are starting to kick back in and I'm going to start feeling better
  8. A steak dinner out with my parents, both siblings, my sister-in-law, my brother's girlfriend, and my aunt.  Time out like that with my family is not always super enjoyable, but tonight, at that restaurant, I enjoyed being with them, and being treated to a really nice meal.