Thursday, September 30, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 46

Today's Daily 5:
  1. a bright blue horseshoe shaped neck pillow that I picked up while engaging in retail therapy at the dollar store late last week.  seriously, this thing is really helpful when you spend as much time propped in bed working on the computer as I do - it's really helping, especially since I continue to have neck problems from the car accidents and stress.
  2. starting my day by spending nearly 2 hours on the phone with my former roommate, L, currently located in the UK, working.
  3. giggling for a good portion of those two hours as we talked about all sorts of things both important and truly ridiculous
  4. being reintroduced to all the "kiwi" terms I lived with for years.  words like "jandals" which just totally made me smile
  5. a perfect, sunny fall day
  6. taking back some ground
  7. wearing a special Tibetan top that I probably hadn't worn in two years
  8. marking some necessary but long procrastinated chores off of my to do list
  9. getting a package of free product samples (including some stuff I'll totally use and had wanted to try) in the mail
  10. actually buckling down and applying for some jobs
  11. making progress catching up on emails
  12. pausing and hearing God speak in the oddest of moments


Anonymous said...

I must say you totally had us beat on #5. Who'd have thought?

It was neither perfect nor sunny nor fall here...

Instead it was warm, humid (which it never is), rainy (which it never does in September), thundering (which it rarely does ever), and tons of lightning (which it really, really never does).


You stole my weather ;-)

Well, except fall. We only visit fall in Julian. Ha ha. No...we do get November.

Lisa said...

LOL... fall in November! by November we've already got winter!

and I'll apologize for stealing your weather, but only because I know what the crazy weather does to you :) not because I'm sorry I've got it here!