Friday, September 24, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 40

Today's Daily 5:
  1. spending the entire morning (including eating breakfast!) in bed
  2. watching lots and lots of Grey's Anatomy on dvd
  3. an afternoon of quiet and alone time
  4. taking a bath and revisiting my favorite former Friday evening pasttime (on a Friday afternoon) by watching Grey's while relaxing in the tub
  5. after six months of living half-way in and out of being settled in grandma's house because of various uncertainties, I decided tonight to set up a table and chairs in my space.  I decided I needed a place to sit and work and pray and think, and started the process of doing that by moving my table and chairs into a space that will work for them.  I don't have a couch anymore, or I'd have moved my coffee table and that in instead, but the table and chairs will work for now, and it's something - a place to settle and think and pray.  A place to sit that is not my bed (though I think that will always remain my preferred spot!)
  6. I also used my dvd player for the first time tonight, and settled for the first time into the chair and sitting spot I set up when I moved in six months ago.  To be fair, I did this partly because the dvd player in my laptop is slowly dieing and is scratching my dvds in the process, but sitting in a spot to watch a dvd on a normal screen feels good.  Like a little bit of sanity in my very bizarre life at grandma's, don't even have a bedroom door world.
  7. I lit candles everywhere to combat the smell of musty basement (and other odd house smells that have been happening here at grandma's lately) and to warm up my cold space
  8. wearing a twirly skirt, and a scarf, even though it was a cooler day and that wouldn't be my normal impulse on cooler days
  9. finding out that the process of getting an American passport is going to take way less legwork than I thought, thanks to some work my parents did to get each of us a document certifying our American citizenship when we were born
  10. The simple process of applying myself to a task was helpful tonight in refocusing myself after a very hard day.  So I cleaned, and I unpacked my suitcase from my trip and put things away, and I created a new space to sit and think.