Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Thoughts

Yesterday was the feast of St. Monica, and today is the feast of her son, St. Augustine.  There was something striking to me in closeness of the dates of the two feasts when I observed them this year.  Something striking in celebrating the feast of a mother who prayed for years for her wayward son the day before celebrating the feast of the wayward son, turned remarkable theologian and church father.  There is something in that reminder of the faithfulness of Monica's prayers that gives me hope for prayers that seem hopeless today.    Something in the reminder that God delights in drawing the least likely to himself, and binding up and restoring the most unexpected things and people.  There are a lot of "least likely" things that I'm praying for these days, and the closeness of the two feasts, the reminder of the faithful prayers of a mother brought hope today.

In a few hours I'm off to attend the wedding ceremony of a friend.  F. has been a friend for a very long time, and the her life and her family's life have been in upheaval in the last year.  Two weeks ago, after a journey of about a year, her family was told that her mother's cancer is no longer treatable.  That the only thing that will stop death now is a miracle.  I'm thankful that the wedding will happen today, while her mother is still relatively well.  And I'm praying for a miracle.  But also recognizing that this day, for their family, will probably hold bittersweet memories.  And I'm praying that sweet will overwhelm the bitter.

And, in the meantime, I'm resting, puttering, catching up on little things that were put off all week while I studied.  I'm thinking and praying and processing.  I'm looking forward, and pausing to reflect backwards as well.  It's going to be a good day, I think.  One of those full of emotion, bitter, sweet, whole gamut of life kind of days.  And I'm grateful for that, and for the growing ability to embrace that.