Thursday, July 01, 2010

Summer Nights at Grandma's

I'm at Grandma's house mostly only for sleeping these days.

But, let me tell you about summer sleeping in the basement at Grandma's.

It requires more clothing and blankets, not less.

Last night I wore my pajamas, and my polar fleece robe, and a pair of socks to bed.

I haven't taken any blankets for winter off of my bed.

My theory is this.

Basements are always cold, because heat rises.

In the winter, this is compensated for by the reality of a furnace.

So here's the problem in summer.

My room gets absolutely no natural light, really, meaning it doesn't naturally warm up.

The heat sensor for the furnace in the house, the thermostat, is upstairs. 

Upstairs, which, on hot summer days, doesn't require a furnace.

My room is cold.

The furnace generally kicks in sometime in the middle of the night, when the upstairs temperature finally drops a little.

In the meantime, sleep in summer at Grandma's requires layers.