Thursday, July 01, 2010

Canada Day etc.

Today is Canada Day.  The day one of my two countries of citizenship pauses a little to celebrate itself.

It's also Rwandan Independence Day.  I learned that a few years back from a dear friend who carries Rwanda in her heart, and I think of it every year. 

This is the first July 1 in several years where I haven't been moving.  It was always moving day the last several years.  This year I'm ensconced at Grandma's.  (more on summer in Grandma's basement later today.)

It's odd to not be transitioning today.

Instead, I'm getting a slightly late start, waiting for my sister-in-law, who is coming to potentially borrow some clothes for a wedding, and then giving me a ride to mom and dad's.

I'm not really going to celebrate today.  I'm going to study.  There are a couple statistics exercises with my name on them.  And lots of anatomy to review.


Anonymous said...

Apparently this is the week for independence day celebrations or other special momentous days!

Congo's independence day was yesterday - KLBr sent a text and said she was at the longest (4 hour) parade for an independence day that she'd ever seen (and this is in her smaller town where she lives) and that it was the most people she'd ever seen!

Lisa said...

hmm... Congo too huh?

It's actually a goal of mine to spend the fourth in the states one of these years. Just to kind of get a feel for that - it's not something I've ever done, but hearing about how American's celebrate independence day is sure something I've heard about my whole life!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever see my 25 random things (lists one and two?) forget if you were around for that?

I think I included something about how rarely I'm actually here for it - you could come with me. I hate fireworks, but I'd take you so you could have a proper experience!

Lisa said...

not sure... think I might have gone back and read the lists before I sent you the five questions that time...

well, then I'll come to you sometime. :)

(though fireworks might be one of our major differences in opinion - I love them - as long as they're being safely shot off by professionals!)