Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shake the Dust

I was watching and listening to this video again from Anis Mojgani.

Shake the Dust.

For me (yes, in spite of the rougher language at moments) this is a powerful image.

Shake the dust.

From life.

Brush off the cobwebs.

These last few weeks have been full of deep aches and brokenness.

In my own heart, and in those around me.

Carrying deep burdens of prayer.

Choosing to love when I'd really rather not.

They've been hard weeks, and I've been feeling down.

Some of that is just physical.  A change in medications that my body is having trouble adapting to.  The wear on one's body and mind from the kind of intense weeks I've been having.

Some is emotional and some spiritual.

I feel cobwebby.  Trapped in this crazy circle of feeling miserable and overwhelmed.

And I came across one of my own old posts, and was reminded that I've been here before.

Shake the dust.

Choose to celebrate hope.

Choose joy and life and peace.

Choose to be grateful for the healing that comes and is coming.

Choose to focus on all of those things instead of the brokenness.

And choose to trust Jesus with the brokenness.

In me, and in all whom I love.

Shake the Dust.

And really, really live.


Anonymous said...

"And choose to trust Jesus with the brokenness.

In me, and in all whom I love."

Good, good!

Lisa said...


ally said...

Not much brings me to tears (i've still got a wall or two to tear down in that department...) but when i first saw Anis perform this via the TWLOHA Heavy & Light webcast... this, this had me broken down in sobs. So good... and the way you took his thoughts and made them your own, also so, so good. Thank you.

Lisa said...

glad it moved you Ally... I've been revisiting these words again today, needing to remind myself of this truth all over again.