Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 340

Today's Daily 5:
(If you're new here, an introduction to the concept of the daily 5 can be found here.)
  1. The midterm went well, I think.
  2. Marking things off of a to-do list this evening
  3. trading emails about the little (and big) stuff of life with a dear friend
  4. getting an email from L.  who is currently in Rome.  the email made me laugh and her location made me jealous.
  5. chatting with my brother T. while he ate his lunch today.
  6. rewarding my study and midterm efforts of the day with an almond joy bar.
  7. lighting candles all around my basement bedroom at Grandma's.  Partially because the room is cold, and I wanted the added warmth.  And partly because for me, candles are a way to pray, and bring Light.  And I needed that light tonight.
  8. Sitting in the sunshine for a little while on mom and dad's patio, after my exam this morning, reading a novel and eating my breakfast.
  9. wearing the necklace I wear every day, a white gold chain with a St. Clair of Assisi medal.  It's a medal with great personal meaning for me, and Claire is a favorite saint.  Some days I notice the medal more than others, the odd comfort in it's presence, the reminder of hope and healing that it holds for me.  Today was one of those days.
  10. the sweet, fresh scents of the candles around the room.
  11. watching an intense thunderstorm through the windows over supper with mom and dad
  12. getting a ride home instead of having to take the bus, because of the storm
  13. the smell of the air outside during the rain
  14. curling up in my pjs and a favorite hoodie and working on my "to do" list from bed.
  15. making lists - to do lists for other days this week, daily 5's, mental lists.  I like the sense of organization and they offer, while knowing that I'm also learning to be far more flexible in not only their construction, but their execution!