Friday, July 16, 2010

Random Today Thoughts

This has been the sort of day I generally like best.  Things go smoothly, and get accomplished, but there is rest and joy and peace and humor amongst those things.

I needed a today like this.  Yesterday was anything but.  Full of hard moments and tears.  Just one of those days where all of the things being juggled come crashing to the ground and you stand there amidst the scattered bits and pieces of life and wonder if this is really what the beginning of healing looks like?  This shattered, broken, scattered thing?

Today's anatomy chapter was about the "special senses".  Taste, vision, hearing, smell and equilibrium.  It was a long chapter.  Vision and hearing in particular, it turns out, are rather involved processes.  I learned (or in some cases was reminded of) some facts that fascinated me.  Things like the fact that though your nose is able to distinguish something like 10,000 unique smells, there are actually only 5 distinguishable tastes.  Practically, this means that when you have a cold and your food seems tasteless, it's actually because your nose is plugged and you can't smell, and doesn't have much at all to do with the physical process of taste.  By far my favorite fact of the day is the reason you get a runny nose when you cry.  (Hey, I spent a good portion of yesterday crying, I had a vested interest in this piece of information!)  It turns out that your tear ducts actually drain into your nose.  So, when you cry, and your tear ducts are producing tears like crazy, instead of just lubricating your eye, they spill over your eyelids (and down your cheeks) and the excess drains into your nose.  Thus, a runny nose when crying!

The anatomy chapter too probably four hours to wade through and make notes and define terms, but stats went quickly today, though I'll need to attack another assignment over the next few days, and that is bound to be time consuming.  Other than that, though, and some serious memorizing and review, I don't have anything on the schedule school wise, for the weekend.  And that is a relief in and of itself.

I also spent an hour or so resting this afternoon.  Laid out in a hot bath, reading a novel.  A most excellent way to reward oneself for a long morning of anatomy, and to ease the edges of yesterday's painful remnants.

An email to my former roommate, catching her up on life, and another to the man in charge of my RRSPs from my former company rounded out the day.  Call me crazy, but I'm looking at changing financial advisors.  I'm just not comfortable with the close ties my financial advisor has to my former employer.  Ties professionally, but more uncomfortably, personally.  Ties like being the ex-husband of the woman who was formally my boss.  Though I know there is a code of professional ethics that he'd be a fool to break, I'll feel better if someone who doesn't talk to her regularly because of shared children, is in charge of a large sum of my money!

And with that, I'm off... dad's church is having a Stampede BBQ tonight, and if there's free food, that's usually where I can be found these days!  Food, likely laughter, and family.  Doesn't sound like a bad way to spend an evening!