Friday, July 16, 2010

Celtic Prayers

When I was in Michigan, on the way home from Ontario, just after losing my job in May, we stopped at a fabulous discount Christian bookstore, and one of the gems that I picked up was a little book called, "Sounds of the Eternal: A Celtic Psalter".  This book has truly proven itself a gem.  It's structured with prayers and scriptures for each morning and evening of the week.

To be honest, I really haven't looked at or read the morning prayers, but for several weeks now I've been cycling my way through the evening prayers for each day just before I go to sleep at night.

I'm finding the depth of these prayers to be stunning.  These ancient prayers are giving words to the cries of my heart in this season, and I wanted to share a few particular favorites with you.

Like light dappling through the leaves of a tree
and wind stirring in its branches,
like birdsong sounding from the heights of an orchard
and the scent of blossom after rainfall,
so you dapple and sound in the human soul,
so you stir into motion all that lives.
Let your graces of healing flow this night,
for my soul is wounded
and there is brokenness in my life.
Let your graces of healing flow, dear God,
for those whom I love are in need this night
and there are agonies in the life of the world.
There are agonies in the life of the world, O my soul,
and those whom I love are in pain.


Bless my body and soul this night
that I may be renewed in the forgetfulness of sleep.
Visit me in my dreams
that I may remember my birth in you.
Protect me with your angels of brightness, O God,
that I may awake to the freshness of the morning,
that I may awake to You as the new day's freshness


Bless me this night, O God,
and those whom I know and love.
Bless me this night, O God,
and those with whom I am not at peace.
Bless me this night, O God,
and every human family.
Bless us with deep sleep.
Bless us with dreams that will heal our souls.
Bless us with the night's silent messages of eternity
that we may be set free by love.
Bless us in the night, O God,
that we may be set free to love.


In sleep may my body be rested.
In sleep may my soul be renewed.
In sleep may my dreams be carriers of truth
borne by the night's visiting angels.
In sleep may I know you in love, O God,
in sleep may I be known by you,
the Lover of every living soul this night,
the Lover of my ever living soul.


tea said...

Wow, those are really wonderful. I think I want that book! I'm so glad you shared this. Thanks! :)

Lisa said...

they are lovely, aren't they? I hope you do find a copy of the book. It really is one I very highly recommend.

Janet said...

These prayers brought tears to my eyes!!! Thank-you for sharing!

Lisa said...

Janet, welcome here! I'm glad you found them to be moving :) I certainly think they're pretty powerful!