Friday, July 30, 2010

On the agenda

Today's "To Do" List looks something like the following:
(and, I am, of course, procrastinating about actually tackling it, by recreating it in a blog post)
  • Finish making notes on an anatomy chapter about blood
  • Make notes on an anatomy chapter about the heart
  • Finish the 4th of 6 stats assignments (only one question left!)
  • at least begin to tackle some of the reading for the next session of the christian leadership class I'm also taking (I've had weeks to do it, and keep putting it off because I've been so busy, but one of these days the next session is suddenly going to appear on my schedule, and then I'll really be in trouble!)
  • fill out some government employment paperwork
  • RSVP to a couple of wedding/parties that I've been putting off RSVPing to
  • do something that is healthy - exercise, or a treatment, or something.
  • try not to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of school work on this list
  • stop procrastinating by writing blog posts, and actually start the list, aiming for the goal of a highly productive day.