Friday, July 30, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 350

Today's Daily 5:
an introduction to the daily 5 lists can be found here.
  1. made it through all of the anatomy material I needed to make notes on today.  And let me tell you, that is huge, because it was hard slogging a lot of the day.  my brain is pretty exhausted right now, and to keep pushing through and adding more and more material is becoming a huge daily challenge
  2. 350 days of writing these lists.  15 days to go to the big 1 year!
  3. lighting candles
  4. using a bible reading plan that is designed to give you an overview of the entire biblical narrative in 100 days.  quite enjoying it actually.
  5. especially enjoying mornings like today where I do the reading sitting in the sun, while I wait for the bus.  it's good whenever I get it done, but I particularly enjoy the days that start that way.
  6. had the first mug of tea in a while this morning (it's been too hot for tea, but a friend of mine mentioned that she was off to get some this morning and it made me want some.)  it was pomegranate green tea, and was a good way to start the day.
  7. didn't get everything on my list for the day done, but I made good headway and got through most of the important items.
  8. spent 20 minutes just laying on the floor, using this thing my mom has that basically vibrates and loosens up your entire body.  so I laid there and got loosened up, and listened to a sermon at the same time.  it was a good way to reward myself for getting through all of the anatomy
  9. steak and green beans and baby potatoes for supper
  10. restful evening, with no school work.


tea said...

Sounds like lots of good things! :)

Lisa said...

indeed :)