Monday, July 05, 2010

List Making

It's Monday morning and I am getting a slightly later start to the day and week than I'd hoped.  Rest, however, seems to be essential, and I took the time to start moving pretty slowly this morning.  I'm feeling the affects of spending large chunks of the weekend out in the sun (doesn't matter how much water I drink, I always seem to end up with a headache after a couple of days of sun), and a couple of days of hauling bricks while helping to lay a paving stone driveway and sidewalk at mom and dad's.

My clothes are filthy, and all in the laundry (I stayed at mom and dad's all weekend again) and so I'm sitting here in my pajamas, writing a blog post, and making the lists that will govern my week.

Lists that include all the homework for the week, all the chores that must be done that I know of, and the various and sundry other must be done's as well.  I get a ridiculous amount of satisfaction out of making lists.  And an even greater satisfaction out of marking things off my lists.  So, I'm starting my Monday slightly later, but with list making.  Seems a good way to begin another week.