Friday, July 09, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 330

Today's Daily 5:
  1. 330 days of daily 5 lists
  2. getting back another stats assignment with a grade of 95%.  What you need to understand is that the last time I got a grade like that in math, I was probably 6 years old and just learning to add and subtract.  I barely scraped through math in high school with a grade that would get me admitted to university, and that grade was a blessing, since the year I wrote the diploma exam, the math one was being tested, for new curriculum, and was only worth 20% of our grade instead of the usual 50%.  So, to get a grade like the 88% I got back yesterday and the 95% I got back today really shocked me and encouraged me and gave me hope.  I've been absolutely slogging through stats this week, and wasn't at all confident in the work I was doing on these assignments, and to get those grades felt like such a gift and confirmation of this crazy path I'm pursuing these days.
  3. managing to focus and study for probably close to nine hours today.  I really needed to feel well enough to put a day like that in, and I haven't all week, so it was a blessing to do so today.
  4. a couple of really good chats in the last few days with a very dear friend
  5. taking the evening (after about 8:00) off to just do nothing, putter online, etc.  Not bringing homework home with me tonight.
  6. fresh cherries
  7. peanut m&m's
  8. 10 minute yoga for a third day in a row
  9. finishing a third stats assignment today as well
  10. walking home to grandma's after mom dropped me at the office supply store to get another assignment scanned.  After all those hours of studying, it was nice to just be outside (after the heat had dissipated a bit) and get a bit of exercise.