Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday, 2:45

Monday, 2:45 p.m.

Things this day has held:
  • Lazyish morning, feed the cat, clean the litterbox at the house-sitting gig.
  • Brunch with a long-time friend at a diner restaurant she recently discovered that uses mostly local suppliers
  • Brunch included stuffed french toast - stuffed with gouda and Canadian Bacon
  • A ride to mom and dad's
  • research, research, research, as I work on moving a few things I'm dreaming about into a realm of concrete reality where I can discuss them more openly
  • job applications.  I'm kind of sick of job applications.
  • one pre-interview clarification call on a resume I sent out, with the hint that they may call back to offer an interview
  • Starbucks application - to be honest, right now, the idea of working in a coffee shop is highly appealing.  I just like the idea of doing something totally different for a while.  But seriously, the Starbucks application (the basic barista one, not the managerial one which I also filled out) is one of the most involved applications I've ever encountered.  It included all kinds of work/personality questions and took probably 20 minutes or more to complete.
  • A little bit of reading here and there.
  • And now, now it's time to break for a snack (probably the leftovers from this morning's brunch date) before sending off a few more resumes.
  • the arrival of a reference letter from my previous employer that was decidedly more balanced and positive than I'd expected it to be, based on my experience with that particular person.
I'm sort of forcing myself to be disciplined on the spending time sending off resumes thing.  It's definitely not how I'd rather be spending my days.  So, I'm making sure I spend a couple hours a day tackling that, and then giving myself lots of grace besides...

And, this week, I've scheduled time to see friends or family nearly every day.  That will help make the job-hunting more bearable, I think.