Monday, June 07, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 298

Today's Daily 5:
  1. This picture (the definition of irony in my opinion) viewed first on Ian's blog.
  2. Head butting against walls at times, but a little bit of progress made towards finding the information I'm needing to get.  There's a time crunch, now, so tomorrow I'm taking the "in person" approach.
  3. Scheduled an interview at an administrative and finance placement agency for next Monday.
  4. Followed through on the whole "apply at Starbucks" plan
  5. some documents I've been waiting for actually arrived in the mail, and the reference letter was among them, and far more positive than I expected it would be.
  6. Brunch with a long-time friend, and catching up a little
  7. simple things, like filtered water at mom and dad's
  8. attacking the boring and tedious task of job hunting with a certain degree of discipline
  9. an email from a dear friend that made me smile
  10. picking up a bunch of books that I'd put on hold at the library
  11. refreshment of a shower
  12. getting a ride to brunch this morning, so only having to walk one way from the house-sitting gig, and thereby sparing the sore foot that I managed to injure while walking all that distance in unsupportive shoes last week
  13. chocolate
  14. pumpkin cookies
  15. leftover French toast stuffed with Canadian Bacon and Gouda as a mid-afternoon snack