Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 293

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Coffee with a new friend.  The kind of coffee where you're really not sure how it is going to go, and then you discover something of a kindred spirit and you talk and talk and talk and it spills over into the rest of your day and brings smiles.
  2. The sun is finally out and it was warm enough to walk today without a down vest and fleece jacket on.
  3. Dreaming just a little about a change in direction
  4. Feeling really okay for the first time in a little while... feeling like there is life coming amidst all the crazyness of my "never boring" life
  5. smiling at emails from various friends
  6. an invitation to have coffee next week with another new friend (thanks especially S. and LP/CA)
  7. free food at mom and dad's
  8. actually getting a few resumes out there, and having a number more to send off in the coming days
  9. rice krispy square and an iced passion tea lemonade at Starbucks
  10. walking, listening, praying