Saturday, May 08, 2010

Saturday Things

I started the morning lazily and slowly, laying awake in bed, puttering on my computer and watching some television online for several hours.

Fruit for breakfast.  Raspberries and Blackberries.

A shower.

Some self-pampering.

Then mom picked me up, I helped with a bit of baking for the upcoming wedding.

I started the process of shortening a pair of pants.

I remembered why I haven't shortened pants myself in well over a year, and why I prefer to pay someone else to do it.

I remembered that I don't like ironing either.

(And I haven't even gotten to the hand-stitching part of the hemming process.  That's the part I like the least.)

I cobbled together a costume for L's bachelorette party tonight.

Have I ever mentioned here that I am NOT a fan of games?  Any games really.

Particularly role-playing or acting type games.

Or really anything that requires me to wear a costume and draw attention to myself.

I'll happily watch others play, but please don't make me play.

(Except maybe Dutch Blitz, and one or two word games.  I don't mind those.)

We're doing a role-playing, acting, murder mystery game for the bachelorette, because she loves those sorts of games.

And I'm playing the role of a man.


(Can you feel my misery at the prospect?)

At least I get dinner at a restaurant I really enjoy out of the process.

Being in a wedding party, I've decided, is an expensive endeavor.

There are so many more gifts and clothes that must be purchased and parties that must be attended.

I did however try a new "instant" lunch that I'd purchased a while back.

Thai peanut rice noodles.

Very tasty, but could use some vegetables.

I'll add those next time for effect.

I also took photos of photos.

Scanning them didn't work out so well, so I photographed about 70 childhood photos of T and L.

Tomorrow and the remainder of the evenings that I'm free until their wedding will be dedicated to putting those photos and quite a lot of others into a slideshow for their wedding reception.

And with that, I'm off to find something to snack on, and maybe do a little bit of reading before I dive head-long into the unique "joys" of this evening's plans.

I'll be back later with a daily 5 list!