Monday, May 10, 2010

It's definitely Monday

Today marks the beginning of what promises to be a crazy week.

This coming Sunday my baby brother will be married.  In the meantime, the entire extended family is consumed with wedding details, and tucking the stuff of day to day life in between the wedding details.

I had another weekend full of life curve balls.  As I jokingly pointed out to a friend in an email last night, I could probably make a killing off my blog, in advertising, and readers, if I was only anonymous, and able to share the crazyness that life has been throwing at me lately in a public place.

I've been getting messages in my tea, lately, too.  No, not that kind of message in my tea.  I mean that, with the brand of green tea I've been drinking for my weekday morning "warm me up" beverage has little inspirational messages printed on the paper tag attached to the tea bag.  They've been amusingly hard-hitting to various lessons I've been learning lately.  Today's reminded me "You only give when you love."

I woke up this morning with a brutal head ache.  Thankfully, the drugs I swallowed before I even turned on the lights seem to be making some headway.

I'm wearing my wedding shoes around the office today (and probably several more days this week.)  I'm a little afraid of what will happen if I don't wear them for a whole lot of days, and then I have to wear them for ten or twelve straight hours on Sunday.

I have a list of blog posts planned, but finding time to write them this week will be the challenge.  I want to talk a bit more about Sara Miles' "Jesus Freak" and a bit about the newest book that sent me to review.  I'm really enjoying this one "I am Hutterite" - it's a fascinating account, and is reviving my hope in Thomas Nelson - a hope that had been rather dented by the slogging necessary for a reading of "A Hole in Our Gospel".  I want to talk again about Donald Miller's "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years", too.

But this week might be a week for purging my inbox of built-up quotes and various thoughts from Henri Nouwen.  I have a wedding slideshow to tackle, and some wedding errands to do.  A few personal obligations and some church obligations as well.

So, we'll play it by ear.

Which, at this moment, is all I can manage.  Because it definitely feels like a Monday.