Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Morning

Here's how this day is likely going to go.

In a minute or two I'm going to crawl out of bed and do some yoga.  10-20 minutes.  I haven't decided which video I want to do.  Probably the longer one to stretch everything comfortably out.

Then a shower and dressing for the day.

Some quick administrative stuff at home, and by 10 I'll have packed up my computer and I'll be heading out to catch a bus to my parent's house.  I could probably get a ride from Grandma, but trust me on this, taking the bus, though less convenient, is far better for one's peace of mind.  Most bus drivers aren't over 80 and, while they, too, sometimes take liberties with the rules of the road, it's not usually because of age or lack of eyesight.

At mom and dad's I have a wedding slideshow to finish up, and then I'll be helping with preparations for the rehearsal dinner tonight.

This afternoon will be about prepping for the first of two receptions on Sunday, and about set-up at the "church" (the church T & L attend meets in a local elementary school, so we're decorating the school gymnasium this afternoon.)  Then the wedding rehearsal itself, and the rehearsal dinner.

It's going to be a very full day.

The kind of day that requires a twirling skirt, I think.

I'm scheduling a post or two to go live today, and I'll be back tonight with the usual daily 5.

And with that, I'm off to start the day!