Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 264

Today's Daily 5:
  1. A new phone cord at work.  After years of one that tangles and pulls the whole phone set with it when I lean over to answer a call, this new, untangled one is truly lovely.
  2. I loved this.  I might have to visit a village where books grow on trees!  :)
  3. What was probably the last "brother/sister date" before my brother is no longer a single man.
  4. A drive outside the city.
  5. A baby foal, alongside it's mother
  6. just talking and driving
  7. doing a few errands together
  8. a sleep without a nightmare
  9. seeing deer as we drove
  10. knowing that even though it doesn't feel it, the meds will kick in soon, and I'll start to feel better.


Anonymous said...

I have a phone situation at work about to get rectified as well :-)

My predecessor had some weird hands free thing on the phone and to make it work it would raise the handset and what not. Well, I never used it...and it took up a boatload of desk space I would have liked...but I ignored it. Didn't want the IT dept. to have to mess with something so silly.

About a month ago, on a quiet Wednesday afternoon, the thing seriously acted like it was possessed. It started raising up the handset automatically and it would lift the earpiece thing up and the mechanism would just go up and down and then take the phone off the hook because it couldn't line it back up properly. And it did it. Over. And. Over. And. Over. Every. 30. seconds.

Talk about potential for crazy making. Alisa and I would just laugh all day because she could hear it as well and it was just so ridiculous that you had to laugh.

Oh...and I have a partly composed blog post also about that quote from Kelle's blog. So good!

Lisa said...

Too funny about the phone. We actually have some of those hands free things here for several of our staff, but I can't say they've ever developed a mind of their own yet!

And looking forward to the blog post once it is fully composed on that quote. I think I have you to thank for the link to Kelle's blog again... pretty sure I saw the "Enjoying the small things" name on your blog links and knew that this was a blog I definitely had to check out given my propensity lately to hunt for joy and make daily 5 lists!