Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 250

Today's Daily 5:
  1. 250 days of Daily 5's
  2. 22 years of journeying with Jesus
  3. 1 year of eating 3 meals a day
  4. a treatment tonight from a new practitioner.  I'll definitely feel a bit more comfortable with this one, I think.
  5. Wendys for supper with my dad
  6. thinking about fun plans for the weekend
  7. filtered water
  8. having a car to drive
  9. finished the "Stuff Christians Like" audiobook and found it hilarious.  Also started a new audiobook.
  10. listened to a great sermon by Shane Hipps on the John 4 story of the woman at the well


Anonymous said...

Many great things on your list today :-)

the other LP

p.s. thought of your post earlier today when I heard the song I blogged about tonight

Lisa said...

yes, read your post briefly late last night and will go back today - the song looked great!

and, have you checked out Christianaudio.com? 1 free audiobook a month, and some are actually good :) The free one for April is stuff Christians like - and I definitely think you'd enjoy it - go get it if you haven't yet!