Monday, April 19, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 249

For those who are curious, the background to the daily 5 can be found here.

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Watching old episodes of ER on DVD
  2. The funny little routines that have come to mark life at Grandma's
  3. My dad unexpectedly having time to take my car to the mechanic for me today, instead of tomorrow as we'd planned, and calling me at work to offer to take care of that for me.
  4. My "new" car passed the insurance inspection - I just have to fax in the paperwork tomorrow and it's all official.  Now I just need a name for it!
  5. A mechanic who is very kind in what he charges me for - because he had done maintenance on the car for the previous owner, he didn't charge me for the inspection, just the oil change he also did today at my request.  I also love that he's really honest - he'll tell me if something is wrong with the car, and then he'll tell me if it needs to be fixed right away, or if it's something that can just be watched for the time-being.  It's so nice as a less than car savvy girl to have a mechanic who I know and trust.  I'd be in so much trouble if I ever move away from Calgary and my mechanic - I'm definitely the biggest target around when it comes to being dumb about car stuff!
  6. I made pasta for dinner tonight and froze 4 meals.  It made enough for my supper tonight, lunch tomorrow, and four frozen meals.  Cooking for one is a pain, but if I can store a few favorite meals like this in the freezer, it should help with combating the less than healthy eating habits that have reared their ugly head since my arrival in Grandma's house.  I'm hoping to freeze a few other meals over the coming weeks, sort of cooking a "normal" sized (i.e. not for one person) meal, and then freezing several portions for work lunches or suppers on those nights when cooking is just too time consuming.  I'd specifically like to make some mini lasagna's to take out and pop in the oven.  The freezing thing works well for me, too, since I don't like to eat a ton of leftovers.  If I can pull it out in a couple of weeks, it's so much more likely to not get wasted.
  7. I'm still really enjoying the audio book, "Stuff Christians Like" that I've been listening to most recently.  It's brought a lot of smiles as I've been sitting on the train and bus listening.  It's also the free audio book of the month on
  8. I'm loving the book, "Jesus Freak" by Sara Miles that I've been reading as well.
  9. Filtered water for drinking (from a glass bottle)
  10. Watching a couple of movies in the background on my laptop in the last day or so, as I've been working on other stuff.


Anonymous said...

I have a good mechanic. For, you know, when you move to San Diego ;-)

Lisa said...

of course you do :)