Monday, April 05, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 236

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Bought a car.  Can't drive it for at least a week, until I get a minor repair done, and take care of the insurance paperwork.  But I bought a car today.
  2. Enjoyed working a half-day alone in the office.
  3. Did a bunch of needed cleaning around my space - sometimes cleaning and restoring order is a way of praying for me, of quieting myself, externally and internally.  It was like that today, and that, in itself, was a relief.
  4. Cooked a simple dinner for myself tonight, and prepared some relatively healthy snacks to get me through this busy week.
  5. Dad came over and hung artwork for me.  My living situation is very much up in the air for a lot of reasons that I don't have freedom to talk about, but it feels nice to have some of my art hanging on the walls around my space again.
  6. Filtered, mineralized water, in a crock, from a bottle.  In my basement space.  I'd been less hydrated since moving to Grandma's because filling my water bottle meant a trip upstairs and an inevitable conversation.  This is water that is far healthier than tap water, and it's in my space.
  7. The satisfying feeling of marking items off of a personal to do list, especially in one of the busiest weeks of my year.
  8. Thankful for dad's job - not something I'm often thankful for, but connections because of his job mean I've now bought two different cars for very affordable prices.
  9. Thankful for friends who email, or facebook, or leave blog comments, or call, and generally let me know they care.  It means a lot, especially on the really hard days.
  10. Catching up on some favorite television shows online - The cowboys on The Amazing Race went from last place to first place, with an extra "speed bump" task - so much fun!