Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yesterday was one of the infamous "soap opera days" at my office.  This time it was mostly me caught in the melee, because of my particular position in the company, and my current role organizing our big upcoming annual conference.  There were tensions flying between two in management, both upset because of a variety of double standards, some moral, and some not so much.

My choice in handling it?  I did the little that was necessary in terms of speaking with the people involved, tried to remain steadfastly neutral, and spent the rest of the day in my office, working.  Buckled down, tackling the long list of remaining details for the conference that is now just under a month away.  Oh, and I sent a humorous email to L., off in Scotland at the moment, describing the events of the day.

I wish sometimes that I could share in this forum the details of some of these crazy situations I get caught in at work.  But I remain cognizant of the fact that it would be less than professional or discreet to do so.  And that sometimes my desire to rant about my job comes from a certain sense of self-righteousness.

It's days like yesterday when it really hits home that my roommate is now on another continent, and I can't come home in the evening and vent a little before setting aside the stuff of my day.  There are many good reasons that we dubbed my Christian place of employment "the soap opera" and on days when those reasons assert themselves, it's nice to have someone to talk to who has met the people, knows the history, and understands.

I wonder, sometimes, if my place of employment has colored my opinions on working with other Christians.

In any case, the events of the day made me incredibly glad when the weekend arrived.  Incredibly glad that one of the involved people will be out of the office for all of next week as well.

And I am sitting, propped in bed on a quiet Saturday morning, pondering the fact that I need to rise soon, shower, style my hair, grocery shop, and then make my way to a massage appointment that I've got scheduled.  The day holds various other plans as well - some time with my family, and hopefully the chance to watch my brother lead worship and sing in the choir at a local church service tonight.  That's the plan - a mostly quiet day.  A needed quiet and rest.