Sunday, March 28, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 228

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Zoo Trip.
  2. Thankful for praying friends and encouragement from them.
  3. Thankful for a dear friend who instinctively knew, upon reading an email, what most would not, just how very hard it was to open that part of my life to a number of people.  Her knowing that meant so much more than just hearing that she was praying for the situation the email discussed (though that is a very special thing to hear as well.)
  4. A hamburger from one of my favorite fast food places for lunch
  5. Picked up a new audio book at the library - excited about this one
  6. Did a bit of walking in the (rather windy) spring day of Palm Sunday
  7. Actually slept a bit last night, without nightmares
  8. Within striking distance of actually finishing the book I've been sort of slogging through reading
  9. Got some photos printed - a deal on 5x7 prints.  They turned out beautifully.
  10. Doing some little, self-care things, like painting my toenails and using a facial masque for my skin.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so what's on your recent audiobook list (what you've been listening and what's forthcoming)? I just got a bunch and ordered some from the library, but many were rather haphazard selections and I tend to be interested in similar things as you :-)

P.S. Ok, will settle for a visit ;-)

P.P.S. Tomorrow you're getting wildlife on my blog, too :-) And I think I've now got a week's worth of posts up/to come. Considering how much I'd been slacking in that department, progress, eh?