Friday, March 19, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 219

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Safe driving - 6 hours of it on my own - to and from my meeting
  2. The meeting was really great - I love the girl who is my counterpart at the hotel, and it'll be great to work closely with her in the next few weeks to pull this thing off.
  3. Mom picked me up from the rental car place, so I didn't have to haul my meeting stuff through a half hour walk, and then an hour on the train.
  4. Evening with L., her baby sister in from out of town to visit, and her maid of honor, talking bridesmaidy stuff.  I really wasn't sure what to expect, especially after a long and very tiring day, but it was lots of fun to laugh with them tonight.
  5. Something so great about just collapsing into your own comfortable bed after a very long day.  I've been laying here so comfortably, just catching up on all the blogs I follow, and tonight it feels so good to do that.