Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon Thoughts

This day, much like yesterday, is dragging.

Maybe it's that I'm tired.  Or simply distracted by the many whirling fields that comprise my life right now.

But I can't focus.

Almost at all.

And today, my shoulder is throbbing.

I'm wondering if it should still hurt like this, two weeks after the accident, when it was assessed as having no major damage?

Today chococlate is not only a good friend, but a necessity.

And yet, I'm thankful.

My dad just called, and he is in the area, and offered me a ride home from work tonight.

A break from the train will be nice.

And, tonight I'm going shopping with T & L and the rest of their local bridal party members.  Finding bridesmaid dresses for all of us is on the agenda for the evening, and knowing T & L, and some of the other bridal party members, laughter will the first order of business.  I'm also fairly confident that good taste will rule the day.  Wasn't it sweet of my brother to find me a sister who won't dress me in some unfortunate shade like puce, in an attempt to shine more brightly herself?

And with that, I'm off to finish the last few tasks for the day.

And remind myself continually that I can be thankful for a ride home, and family that loves me.

Even when my shoulder throbs uncontrollably.