Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stirred Thoughts

My thoughts are rapidly reaching that stirred up level that seems to come when I move.  That "won't slow down, can't slow down, even if I don't really need to be in a panic about this" level.

This move is by far the most under control that any of them have been, and I'm still feeling that panicking.  I'm hoping tonight will alleviate that.

Tonight is the big push.  I told my roommate that she needed to help me with the packing of the kitchen, as, even though I'm the official owner of most of the stuff in there, she has used it as much or more than me.  So tonight we'll pack up all but a very few kitchen essentials.  I'll also pack up my bathroom "stuff" (that drawerfull of products that get used occasionally), and a few last things in my bedroom.  I'm hoping that I can move one more load of stuff tomorrow evening after work, before the final move on Saturday, where all the furniture will go with me, and I'll then return to the apartment, and clean it out, before heading to Grandma's to begin the sorting and unpacking process.

I'm actually hoping to purge and pare down a bit as I pack the kitchen tonight too.  One of my "green" or "healthier living" goals is to slowly switch all of my plastic food storage to glass.  I'm going to put all of the plastic containers that aren't higher quality in the recycling, and keep only the ones I've regularly used.  Since I'm moving in with grandma, and won't need most of my kitchen goods for quite a few months (with the exception of a few things that I know Grandma doesn't have), I'm going to pack thoughtfully, purge the things I really don't use (or at least set them aside in a box to go to a thrift shop post move).

So, that's tonight.  Packing, sorting, purging.  Hopefully a trip tomorrow night to move some more stuff, and then the big final push, and some cleaning on Saturday.  Ideally, Saturday will only be a couple of trips at most, and will only take a couple of hours.  I feel like that's actually an attainable goal this time around.

In the meantime, I'm coveting your prayers.  For peace and the ability to rest (sleep was rather fleeting last night in the face of my overactive thoughts).  For the move to go smoothly.  And for health.  I seem to be catching a cold, and, while my shoulder and back had finally been feeling a bit better post accident, I think I've been tensing up while asleep the last few days, and I'm in quite a bit of pain again - not exactly ideal when the next few days are going to involve a lot of bending, lifting, and carrying.

And with that, I'm off to dive into the work "to do" list for the day, before heading home to it's own list of "to do's"!


Anonymous said...

"In the meantime, I'm coveting your prayers."

You've got 'em. Of course!

along with hugs from ca :-)

Lisa said...

thanks friend - I'll definitely take the hugs too :)