Friday, February 26, 2010


Are you sick of hearing about the process of this move yet?  In case you can't tell, it's sort of consuming my life at the moment.

My thoughts are running and spinning a thousand miles a minute.  Keeping me awake at night, not letting me focus.

Constant mental lists.

The "Oh!  I've got to do that too!" moments.

Somehow, it'll all get done.

In the meantime, once I leave work today, I think blogging will be pretty scarce for the next few days.  I've got a few posts scheduled to go live (at least one a day).  I'm hoping the internet connection move goes smoothly this time, and that I'll be back to blogging my regular daily 5 list tomorrow night, only from Grandma's this time.  But I'm not all that confident it'll be as smooth as all that.  So.  I'll see you when I see you!