Saturday, February 20, 2010

Late Afternoon

It's late afternoon and I'm sitting at my parent's house.

Turns out I really didn't do much of the work I'd hoped to do this afternoon.  Mostly I lounged, feeling slightly grumpy about the fact that my whole body hurts at the moment.

Also feeling a little sorry for myself.

I really need to write a post here about the upcoming move.  It would make my current mess of emotions so much clearer.

Instead of that, though, I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself.

Berating myself just slightly because I just realized that only a few days into Lent I'm already behind on the Lenten readings I'm doing this year, because I'm so out of the habit of making that daily quiet that last night, after packing all those books, I simply forgot to do the readings.  And it's not like I'm doing much for Lent.  Maybe I'm even feeling sorry for the loss of the self that could fast.  Is it possible that I miss that starvation diet I existed on for so long?

Time to snap out of it.  I need to start cooking.  (I'm making a recipe for mom and dad and company that was the fourth new recipe I've tried so far this year - couscous stuffed peppers.)

So, I'm mentally formulating the beginnings of today's "daily 5" and getting up off the couch, ignoring my achy muscles, and going to make food for people who I know will appreciate it.