Saturday, February 20, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 192

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Got a big load of stuff (including all my books) moved to Grandma's house this morning thanks to help from my dad.
  2. Choosing to be a bit honest as I continue to explore how I'm feeling about this transition of moving
  3. Cooked dinner for mom, dad, T & L, and my aunt tonight.  It's fun to cook for others, and it's nice when the meal wins rave reviews.
  4. Got a treatment from mom and my aunt - hopefully that'll help with the soreness a bit.
  5. First iced passion tea lemonade from starbucks since they switched to whole leaf tea.  I tried the new version of hot passion tea a while back and definitely didn't like it - plus the price went up quite a bit.  But, I was very pleasantly surprised today to discover that the iced passion tea lemonade still tastes the same!
  6. Laughed with my dad as I discovered the the starbucks abbreviation for my aforementioned drink of choice, scribbled on the cup in sharpie is "PTL" - that made me laugh.  Such a bad, inside, "christiany" joke, but it did make me smile.
  7. Watched the end of the Canadian men's curling match with Great Britain tonight - love that Canada is still undefeated.  Plus, I really like watching curling.
  8. Also saw the medal ceremony for the Canadian who won gold last night in the skeleton.  I'm so not very patriotic at all, but every time I see a Canadian athlete on that podium, excited to receive that medal, and hear our anthem play, I totally want to cry.
  9. Enjoyed an Almond Joy bar tonight.  I've been savoring some that were sent to me as a gift, and tonight it hit the spot just perfectly.  Thanks LP/CA!
  10. Got caught up on the Lenten reading I'd fallen a bit behind on.