Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 193

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Getting some interest in the couch and loveseat that I'm selling on kijiji.  However, one of the responses was laughable - I'm selling both pieces for a total of $20, and the ad clearly says that I live in Calgary.  I received an email today wondering if the furniture was still available, and would I be able to deliver it to a small town about an hour and a half away.  Umm... No.  I won't be making a three hour round trip to deliver furniture that I'm only charging a total of $20 for.  The selling price would barely cover the cost of the trip, never mind my time!
  2. Baked another new recipe today - the second one for this month.  Didn't think I was going to fit two in this month with the busyness of moving, but I did, and that left me with a great feeling of satisfaction.  Plus, the Chocolate Chip Pecan Blondies that I made taste pretty good too.
  3. Got a refund without question this morning for the water bottle I purchased in January that was recalled because of breakage issues.  Since I returned one for that issue before it became a common one, and had another one break since, I was delighted to get a refund without any trouble.
  4. Did some research into smart phones today while I was at the mall.  I'm thinking that my next phone is going to be an iphone.  Any opinions out there?  Or thoughts on how large a data plan I'd be likely to need?
  5. Got caught up on my Lenten readings.
  6. Painted my fingernails and toenails
  7. Did some filing I've been ignoring (needed to finally do it before the move so that stuff didn't get lost because there were some pretty important papers in the pile - stuff I'll need to file my taxes soon.)
  8. Read a couple more chapters in the book I'm working on for reviewing herre.
  9. lounged and watched olympics while working on some of the aforementioned tasks
  10. Had a great snack lunch today - love hummus and laughing cow cheese and blueberries and melba toast.  So tasty and simple.