Sunday, February 21, 2010


I'm somewhat amused by the way the human mind creates seemingly random associations.

I'm sitting here, eating my favorite kind of weekend lunch - hummus, soft spreadable cheese, melba toast crackers for the hummus and cheese, and fresh fruit (blueberries today).

As I was eating the cheese, I suddenly found myself thinking about Africa.

It took me a second to realize why.

Growing up, my dad always talked about eating this particular brand of cheese (called "The Laughing Cow" in English) while he was in Africa.  Somewhere along the way, this cheese became associated with Africa in my head, and with travel there, and all the confused thoughts I have on that subject.

And so I'm sitting here, eating my simple lunch (and quite enjoying it), and thinking about the potential of travel to Africa, and laughing at the fact that cheese is what led to these thoughts.