Sunday, February 07, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 179

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Finding words again for some of the things that have been on my heart.  It's been a blessing to me these last few days of anniversaries and remembering, to be able to put words at least a little bit (however vague I've been at times) around some of it.
  2. Loved the hoar frost today.  I walked to the bus, to go to my parent's house this afternoon, and the trees and shrubs were beautiful.
  3. Almond Joy - thanks LP/CA.  You can't get these in Canada, and I love them, and there were some very generously included in the package I received yesterday.  It was fun to take one to my mom, and share with her too, since she also loves them.
  4. Quiet time alone this morning to write and think and pray and rest.
  5. Hanging out at my parent's for a superbowl party.  I don't mind football, but mostly it was good for me today to be in a social setting that didn't require me to engage in large group conversation.  I could still sit quietly and just sort of be, while enjoying some time with people.
  6. Looking at a few bridesmaid dresses online with L. and just generally enjoying chatting with her.
  7. Getting a ride home from my dad.  It was nice to chat with him about some of the normal details of day to day life and work that have kind of been crowded out in the midst of the multiple conversations about moving, car accidents and searching for a new car.
  8. A hug from my mom.
  9. hot-crossed buns for breakfast.  I love this easter treat, and get so excited when they show up in stores every year.
  10. Listened to several sermon podcasts today while I played a game and puttered around the house.  It was nice to just soak in that teaching again.