Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Couple Things Worth Reading

Tonight I came across the blog of Michael Hyatt - the CEO of Thomas Nelson publishers.

I have a couple of posts from his blog to recommend to you, and I'm looking forward to reading more in the days to come.

How to Read a Non-Fiction Book:  I liked some of the ideas here.  Mostly because I've been reading non-fiction almost exclusively for well over a year, but still find I struggle to get through almost all of it, except maybe some memoirs.  It made me smile, too, to see a publishing executive comment that "most books aren't worth finishing."  That's quite the admission!

How to Have Better Dinner Conversations:  I've been part of a few great dinner conversations, and I'd love to be part of more.  I thought these tips were relatively practical and doable - especially the one about only one conversation at a time.