Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

My thoughts are all over the place this morning.

I'm thinking largely about Haiti.  And praying.

I'm thinking about being a better steward.  Of my finances.  Of the environment.  Of my time and energy.

I'm thinking about hope.  And broken hope, restored.  A dear friend once mailed me a resin plaque that forms the word "hope".  It arrived with the letter "h" broken off.  I carefully glued it back together, and unless you know precisely where to look, it's impossible to see the broken place.  It's become a symbol for us.  Broken hope restored.  And it's the cry of my heart this morning too.

I'm thinking about health.  And healing.  And praying for increase of that.  For so many I care about.

And I'm thinking about the day and days ahead.  The things they're full with.  The moments that aren't yet filled, but will be.

And in the midst of all these scattered thoughts, I'm quietly praying, and longing.