Monday, January 25, 2010

The Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul

Today is the day that the Catholic Church commemorates the conversion of Paul.

The quote on the calendar on my desk today reads, "God's love is too deep for words to express." (Blessed Mary MacKillop)

It seems to me that the conversion of Paul is like that - a stunning expression of God's love that almost defies words.

You can read a little about the feast day here.

I've just recently started receiving a daily email devotion written by Richard Rohr, who had the following to say about Paul's conversion this morning:

Every person has to come to the God experience on their own. Conversion is a foundational change in life position, perspective, and finally, one’s very identity. After the transformation God is not out there any more. You don’t look at God as a separate identity; you look out from God who lives in you and through you and with you. That is a major shift, probably the most major shift possible for humans.

Like Paul, a converted person becomes convinced that they are participating in something bigger than themselves. After conversion you know you are being used, you know you are being led, and above all you realize your life is not all about you! You are about life! It is happening inside of you and all God needs is your “yes” and your participation. It is likely the hardest yes you will ever utter, because your years of habit will all shout “not possible,” “not me,” and “not worthy.”  (Richard Rohr)
You look out from God who lives in and through and with you after conversion.  That is a reminder that I needed today.